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Let us introduce you to Edelreich! Pure, Sustainable, Honest Cashmere, Yak & Camel

Yak-blankets by Edelreich von Eschenbach
© Philippe Arlt Photography


Finally, we launched!!!! Although, I have to apologize in advance. We're new to this Online-Shop environment and might still have some issues to take care of and now and then work on our shop system.

Regardless, a wonderfull Happy New Year!! 2017 is full of new beginnings and for us, its a new way of introducing the purest and coziest cashmere, yak, and camel products by Edelreich von Eschenbach! Let us welcome you to fall in love with our 100% sustainable designs.


These past two years have been a struggle to accomplish what is infront of you today. Beautiful items made with love, and 100% sustainable manufacturing from Nepal and Mongolia.


My mom is the one who passionately fell in love with these countries and wanting to go after her love for fashion, yet help others in need, and break the mass-production of animals cruelty for cashmere manufacturing.


Support our loving project, fair pay for our working family manufacturers, these beautiful animals, that deserve to live on free land in the mountains where they belong and my mom, who gathered all her energy and fable for fashion design to create something so unique, special, and simply "edel" for you! Let us surround with Edelreich's amazing products.


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